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Jury Duty, Day 3: Revenge of the Jury

March 30, 2016 Leave a comment

Still no summons. The likelihood of them calling me on Thursday or Friday is low, I imagine, but I guess you never know.

The good news this morning is that I was awoken by an alert at 4:49am telling me that there is a “Hydrolic Outlook” warning issued to let me know that there is a possibility of flooding…which makes me wonder if I am reading my weather app correctly because this…


…seems to tell me that it is supposed to be simultaneously raining & sunny right now.

However, what amused me more was this:

image1 (1)

A Moist and Unsettled Pattern drifted across Atlanta London, Creeping through the irrevocable Darkness. The masses of People who awoke on that Fateful Morning blinked groggily while performing their morning Libations and felt a Chilling Dread overtake them whenever they Accidentally glanced out Windows into their Impending Doom.


Jury Duty, Day 2: Attack of the Juries

March 29, 2016 Leave a comment

Still not called in to serve. I’m not surprised, exactly, especially as a coworker pointed out that we work for a security company & defense lawyers tend to not want security folk on a jury. I understand that, but I work in the marketing department, not as a guard, & the only way they’ll find that out is if they call me in. I’m not expecting them to, honestly, because it’s probably like dating–they can feel my desperation/interest & it scares them away.

My drive into work was fairly uneventful except for the moron who was jogging on the side of the road while a perfectly good sidewalk was mere inches away from where he was running. I’m not sure in what world it makes sense to jog down a four-lane, busy street when a sidewalk is literally right there, being a sidewalk made to be run on.

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Jury Duty, Day 1: The Phantom Jury

March 28, 2016 Leave a comment

The instructions Gwinnett County gives for jury duty include that you have to check on the Saturday or Sunday before your week to see if you need to report on Monday. Not going to lie: I’m a little bummed that I wasn’t called in.

On the plus side, I did so much work on Friday to get my projects that are due soon wrapped up that I don’t have a lot in the way of work to do today, so I can work on stuff that’s due farther out.

To make up for a lack of insight into our judicial system, here’s a picture of the Nerd lightsabering a poor, unarmed Stormtrooper.