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Still Not Chocolate: A Case of Mistaken Identity

In October 2012, I got a mention on Twitter from someone I didn’t recognize linking me to a blog post about chocolate.

My initial reaction was to go into a righteous rage about WHY ARE YOU POSTING ME CHOCOLATE? ARE YOU SAYING I’M HORMONAL?! RAAAGE!!!

But after that subsided, I realized that she had actually been reviewing Amedei chocolate which is a delightful brand from Tuscany and the second-closest I have ever come to my name being on something.

Despite her having eaten multiple kinds of Amedei chocolates, thus presumably seeing the name multiple times, but she had called it “Amadei” throughout the post. Then, instead of checking to see if Amedei has a Twitter account (spoiler alert: they don’t) she just stuck an @ symbol in front of what she thought was their name and linked to her blog post.

In case you haven’t figured it out, @amadei is my Twitter account, being how that is my name.

At that point, I sent her a tweet back explaining that I am, in fact, not chocolate. She responded with a sort of “Whoops, my bad!” and I thought that was the end of it.

She apparently decided to go back through her archives, so I got another mention linking to the post. Which is fine, but I guess my problem with it all is that if she’s supposed to be some sort of chocolate expert, shouldn’t she know how to spell the name of it?

Another thing is that I often get Amedei or Amedai when people are trying to spell my name, so it’s a little amusing for it to happen the opposite way this time.

I did tweet her that I’m still not a chocolate and got another “Whoops, my bad!” sort of reply, so I imagine in another six months or so I’ll get another mention.

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