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David Sedaris: October 27, 2012

Last night, after a day of Stormtrooping, I went to see David Sedaris speak at the Atlanta Symphony Hall downtown. There’s not much I can say about Sedaris; he was hilarious and poignant and if he’s ever in your area, definitely worth the ticket. I did, however, write down a couple of quotes that I thought particularly funny that I would like to share:

“Crazy people are just normal people, just more misunderstood.”

After explaining that even when he was doing drugs and sundry other, he would obsessively clean his apartment: “After ODing or hitting my head on the coffee table, I want the police to wonder who my maid was.”

On why he makes his bed every morning: “Two minutes a day and I’ve already felt that I’ve accomplished something.”

“I have reached an age where all my doctors are younger than me.”

My favorite,  however, was from a diary entry I had heard him read before, but that still makes me laugh. He was at the grocery store and saw a little old lady walking to her car and was thinking about how nice it was that she was still able to get around, then noticed that she had a bumper sticker that said, “Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman.” He has since decided that if someone has a handicapped sticker, that person shouldn’t be allowed to plaster their political opinions all over the place because “You got the best spot, so just shut the fuck up.”

He also suggests a book while on each book tour and this tour’s book is called The Bill from My Father by Bernard Cooper. In the title story, Cooper gets a bill from his father for how much his father spent on raising him.

Sedaris says that he likes to copy quotes from the books he’s reading, like Cooper’s, into his diary because, “I want my finger to know what excellence feels like.”

Which is probably why I wanted to type out these quotes.

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